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Unit #10 Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece has never been more fascinating! This comprehensive, 20+ day unit contains a wealth of information about the history and impact of Ancient Greece on the world. Students will enjoy acquiring knowledge of early Greek civilizations, the iconic city states of Athens and Sparta, cultural, scientific, and governmental achievements of Greece, major conflicts and wars, the rise of Alexander the Great and Hellenism, the miracles of Chanukah, and much more!

Included in this unit:

  • Unit Plan
  • 35 page full-color student handout
  • Greek Achievements notebook handout for note-taking
  • Teacher's edition with lesson plans, links to over 40 carefully curated video clips, and Kahoot review game link
  • Greek pottery scratch art craft directions
  • Ancient Greece Test
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (951KB)
  • PDF (145KB)
  • PDF (18MB)
  • PDF (75KB)
  • PDF (18MB)
  • PDF (1MB)