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Unit #1 World Geography

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Quick! Name all five oceans and seven continents! After learning this unit, students will be capable of doing just that, in addition to locating them on a map. Additional map skills like using GPS coordinates are also presented here, along with the study of rivers and their stages. This comprehensive, activity-filled 9+ day unit is the perfect way to start off the school year so that students develop a solid foundation upon which to build for the rest of the year.


  • unit plan
  • teacher's editions with lesson plans and numerous video links
  • student handouts
  • directions and materials list for map craft activity
  • directions and materials list for model river craft assessment

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (57KB)
  • PDF (4MB)
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  • PDF (4MB)
  • PDF (166KB)
  • PDF (114KB)
  • PDF (1MB)